Here we have the fourth edition of The ShmooCon Proceedings - our ongoing project to document the knowledge and information put forth by ShmooCon speakers every year.

Putting things in print, rather than relying on videos and PowerPoint presentations, accomplishes two things. First, these proceedings force ShmooCon speakers to wrangle all their thoughts and feelings on a topic and capture them in 1,000 words. This can be no small feat given the complexities of the topics covered at the conference. Second, these proceedings provide you, the reader, with a citable, permanent source of knowledge that you can leverage as you move forward in your cybersecurity endeavors (yes, we said cyber).

We are excited to publish another year of proceedings. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this edition. This starts with the volunteers who show up and generously donate their time, helping us produce ShmooCon each and every year. Thanks to Rob Fuller for his continued role as ShmooCon Proceedings editor. Most especially we thank the speakers, whose hard work is represented in these pages.

Thanks and enjoy!

Heidi Potter

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