Editor's Note

In 2014 James Arlen, the original ShmooCon Proceedings Editor, wrote the following in his Editor's Note:

Like many of my interactions with Bruce Potter, I find myself having to do something that I said would be a good idea.

One of these days, I’ll learn.

It is my great pleasure to have contributed to the creation of the Proceedings of ShmooCon 2014. I hope that this book will be a source of inspiration and reference material for our industry for many years to come. - James Arlen January 6, 2014

I find myself in the exact same situation on the exact same day 2 years later. I took over the Proceedings in 2015 after pestering Heidi (and James) constantly about when they would be published. I soon learned what a epic task I had just volunteered for, meer months after I had begun my attempt at obtaining my undergraduate degree. But I believe as Mr. Arlen did, that a project like this is much needed in our community. I hope that if you are reading this, you believe this as well. I have recently learned out how valuable writing a paper before presenting truly is and petition you, even if no one ever sees the end result, to try it out for yourself, it will make you a better presenter.

Rob Fuller Jan 6 2016

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