1. Opening Remarks, Rumblings, Ruminations, and Rants

  2. U2F Zero: Secure Hardware Design, DIY Mass Production, and Amazon Prime

    • Conor Patrick

  3. 35 Years of Cyberwar: The Squirrels are Winning

    • Space Rogue

  4. Implantable Logic Analyzers and Unlocking Doors

    • Kenny McElroy

  5. Cyborg Self-Hacking: An Examination of Cochlear Implants

    • Jeff Dodge

  6. Introducing Jak: Safely Share Sensitive Files via Git

    • Chris DiLorenzo

  7. Keynote Seven Things: Frank Zappa, T. Coraghassen Boyle, and Twenty-one Years in Security

    • Dr. Gary McGraw


  1. So You Want to Hack Radios

    • Marc Newlin

    • Matt Knight

  2. Exploring The Infrared World

    • Dominic Spill

    • Michael Ossmann

  3. I Have a Graph Database. Now What?

    • Nicolas Kseib

    • Shimon Modi

  4. 0wn the Con

    • The Shmoo Group

  5. ripr – Run Slices of Binary Code from Python

    • Patrick Biernat

  6. Safety Bot Guaranteed

    • Rich Seymour


  1. LangSec for Penetration Testing: How and Why

    • Falcon Darkstar Momot

    • Sergey Bratus

  2. Know Normal, Find Evil: Windows 10 Edition

    • Jake Williams

  3. Who Wants to Allow Arbitrary Code Execution on Their Boxes? We Do It Every Day.

    • Brian Redbeard

    • Brad Ison

  4. Goodnight Moon & the House of Horrors: A look at the current IoT ecosystem and the regulations trying to control it

    • Whitney Merrill

    • Aaron Alva

  5. Anti-Ransomware: Turning the Tables

    • Gal Shpantzer

    • G. Mark Hardy

  6. Does a BEAR Leak in the Woods? The Democratic National Committee breach, Russian APTs, and the 2016 U.S. Election

    • Toni Gidwani


  1. Ask the Feds

    • Allan Friedman

    • Nick Leiserson

    • Eric Mill

    • Jessica Wilkerson

  2. Ask the EFF: Protecting Tomorrow

    • Kurt Opsahl

    • Andrew Crocker

  3. háček: Computing a Hacker Experience

    • Allison Miller

    • Melissa Clarke

    • Margaret Schedel

  4. Flailing is Learning: My First Year as a Malware Analyst

    • Lauren Pearce

  5. The State of Secure Messaging

    • Nikita Borisov

    • Sze Chuen Tan

  6. The Metadata is the Message (and Sometimes the Message is the Metadata

    • Matt Blaze

  7. A Nickel Tour of the Ad Fraud Ecosystem

    • Ryan Castellucci

  8. The Threat Intel Results are in… You are NOT the hacker! : Disinformation Campaigns vs. Attribution Claims

    • Mark Kuhr

  9. Challenges and Opportunities: Application Containers and Micro Services

    • Anil Karmel

    • Andrew Wild


  1. Designing and Executing the Worldís First All-Computer Hacking Competition: A panel with the development team

    • Tim Vidas

    • Chris Eagle

    • Jason Wright

    • Brian Caswell

    • Mike Thompson

    • Holt Sorenson

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